How are the beneficiaries of the 8×1000 funds of the Istituto Buddista Italiano Soka Gakkai (IBISG) selected?

The IBISG supports projects through the 8×1000 funds it receives thanks to the Agreement law signed with the Italian State. The funds are always given to whole projects or to perfectly identifiable parts of projects, while they are never generically destined to support an entity or association. The selection of beneficiaries is based on a detailed project proposal including a financial plan.

How are funds transferred?

Beneficiaries are required to keep separate accounting records for the project and list only eligible expenses. Funds are transferred as the project progresses, based on an assessment of the qualitative aspects agreed upon and on detailed reports.

To submit a project proposal consistent with the guidelines and the intervention areas identified by the Istituto Buddista Italiano Soka Gakkai, you can apply through our Platform.

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