Considering others’ suffering as one’s own is the philosophical source of Soka Gakkai’s activities as a faith-based organization (FBO), and it inspires all the initiatives promoted to tackle global problems. 

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Based on this premise, the Istituto Buddista Italiano Soka Gakkai has identified the following main (and interconnecting) areas of intervention where it intends to finance the development of projects with 8x1000 funds in the next few years.


Culture is a vast expression of the human spirit that can free individuals from limited views, connecting the various peoples in the world and uniting them in the search for their shared humanity. The awareness that no community is intrinsically superior or inferior to others can stem only from ceaseless exchanges between persons and peoples. Thus every form of prejudice and discrimination can be defeated and friendship can be created between nations.

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The mission of education goes beyond the basic task of teaching to read and write; it includes every possible action to let the positive potential inherent in every person come out: self-control, compassion, one’s unique personality. In order to do so, education must be a spiritual encounter, a permanent exchange between human beings, between teachers and students, offering concrete tools to people to actively seek happiness and a better future.

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The awareness of the unbreakable bond between human beings and their environment is the foundation of our commitment for sustainability and protection of the global environment. Through our projects we aim at promoting a way of life whereby we don't look for our own happiness at the expense of the happiness of others and a society where the future is not sacrificed in the name of the fleeting needs of the present, but we protect the interests of future generations.

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Human rights

The core of human rights is the promise not to allow anyone to suffer as much as we have suffered. With the youth at the forefront, we endeavor to further expand a cross-cutting solidarity between people and organizations, united by the goal of creating an authentic human rights culture going beyond the passive tolerance that has no true understanding of the difficulties of others. We are working together to create a society where no one is left behind.

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Research aims at contributing to society's progress and to improving the conditions of life in all its expressions. Knowledge allows us to better understand the world we live in but it doesn't necessarily lead us to choosing the best course of action. In this sense, it can be used both to create happiness and for destructive purposes. When it is forged by experience and rooted in ethical principles, research turns into «wisdom» and becomes a tool to understand the essence of reality and create value.

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