What is 8×1000?

Eight per thousand (now currently abbreviated 8×1000) is a percentage of the individual annual income tax that can be devolved to the Italian State or one of the religious confessions that have signed an Agreement with the State.

Citizens choose the entity (the State or a religious confession) they wish to devolve their 8×1000 to when filing their income tax return form, by signing their name in the dedicated box in 730 and Certificazione Unica modules (see an example here). The Concordat with the Catholic Church and the Agreements with religious confessions regulate the terms and objectives for using the sums devolved to the beneficiaries. In case no preference is expressed, the income tax percentage is assigned (proportionately to the preferences actually expressed) to the entities included in this list of 8×1000 recipients.

When was 8×1000 established?

8×1000 was established on February 18, 1984 when the New Concordat between the Italian Republic and the Vatican was signed. It defined the amount and type of support granted by the Italian State to the Catholic Church, limiting it to a fraction (eight per thousand or 0.8%) of the overall amount of the individual income tax (IRPEF) (Law no. 222/1985). 

This support ― which can be assigned also to the Italian State ― was later extended to other religious confessions that have a recognized public legal personality and are signatories to an Agreement.

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