SGI-Italy in Lampedusa with the project “A Europe of Rights”

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From September 30 to October 3, 2023 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the October 3, 2013 massacre and the Day of Remembrance and Welcoming, activities of the project "A Europe of Rights" were held in Lampedusa. The project was organized by Comitato 3 ottobre thanks to the contribution of the Italian Buddhist Institute Soka Gakkai through 8x1000 funds.

The activities of the project “A Europe of Rights” featured students from Italian and European high schools. During the 4-day event, workshops, commemorations, panel discussions, exhibitions and performances were organized and 36 high schools from 8 EU countries, 7 NGO and 2 UN agencies participated.

SGI-Italy, proudly supporting the project “A Europe of Rights” at such a significant time, took part in the “Lampedusa 2023” initiatives, participating in particular in the opening roundtable #10 years of indifference. Chiara De Paoli, for the 8×1000 Office, recalled the daily commitment of the SGI to value the dignity of life of every single person without leaving anyone behind, emphasizing the crucial importance of soliciting the memory of human experiences. The project “A Europe of Rights” is consistent with this intent. The direct involvement of young students allowed them to create bonds of friendship and to come into contact with the stories and testimonies of the victims of these tragedies, thus transforming memory into concrete action to write a new future.

Indeed, the event provided young people with numerous opportunities for reflection and in-depth study on the themes of memory and migration.

The goal achieved was to stimulate the new generations to become agents of lasting change through dialogue and the sharing of good practices. The aim is to counter intolerance, racism and discrimination, while encouraging processes of inclusion and social insertion of migrant people through the construction of a culture of welcome and solidarity.

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