Maschile Plurale

Promoting change and men’s awareness to contribute to the fight against gender-based violence through an integrated action focusing on training, communication and the production of guidelines.

In progress Education Human rights

Starting date

5 June 2023


12 months

Realized by:

Maschile Plurale


Writing guidelines for social and institutional communication targeting men, including indications and tools to set up men’s awareness groups.

Rethinking interventions to fight gender-based violence and to engage men in promoting new relationships between genders in the context of a multicultural society and in light of the current migration processes.

Getting municipalities and sports associations involved in an awareness-raising campaign to debunk biased ideas on sports or male privilege that can be the forerunners of abuse and gender-based violence.

Organizing training opportunities on various topics all over the country so as to raise awareness and strengthen the active contribution that can be given by key figures such as teachers and those responsible for institutional and social communication.

The “Maschile Plurale” (Men: masculine plural) project carries out an integrated action in terms of training, communication and the production of guidelines and concrete indications in order to promote change and men’s awareness and contribute to the fight against gender-based violence.
The project aims at stimulating a shared, widespread, in-depth analysis of masculinity and the relationship dynamics at the basis of male violence.

Men and women need to embark on a journey towards awareness and personal change, in order to go beyond the mere – though necessary – shouldering of one’s responsibilities and promote the desire for happier relationships with oneself and others.

Among other activities, the project will organize a national seminar with groups working in this field as well as associations and academic research groups on the contents and methodologies included in the materials.