Youth4Climate: Call for solutions

Young people between the ages of 18 and 29 from around the world come up with innovative projects to support the challenges of the climate emergency in the following areas: Food and Agriculture, Energy, Education and Urban Sustainability.

In progress Environment

Starting date

1 August 2023


17 months

Realized by:

UNDP Italia


Support meaningful engagement with and for youth in the context of climate action by enabling the generation and exchange of knowledge, opportunities, experiences, and resources in a new global virtual space, co-modeled and co-led by youth.

Inspiring young people around the world to focus their skills and creativity to address the climate emergency.

Support and enhance youth-led climate action in the field, strengthening the identification and support of concrete and innovative solutions.

The global project “Youth4Climate” brings together resources, tools, capacities, partnerships, networks and movements by and for youth.

The Youth4Climate event, convened by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, kicked off an initiative led by Italy and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and co-constructed with youth organizations to foster an inclusive, safe and enabling environment for youth leadership and their collaboration with other climate action stakeholders.

In order to implement youth proposals, the project establishes an open call for proposals, divided into four focus areas, to which young people between the ages of 18 and 29 from around the world can participate. Each winner will receive a financial contribution of $20,000.

The areas of focus covered by the call are:

Urban sustainability

Urban resilience-the ability of city dwellers to withstand economic, social, health, environmental, disaster and climate risks-has gained a new urgency and has become central to the discourse on sustainable development. 

Food and agriculture

Climate change is putting food chain production at risk, and for many communities and youth, extreme weather events threaten their food security and livelihoods. There is therefore a need to reverse food trends and turn them into viable projects and business models.


Education and learning are crucial to addressing climate change. Education is a key tool to ensure that the next generation is more aware of climate change and to encourage the adoption of more climate-friendly lifestyles.


To address this situation and ensure continued support for the energy transition, this partnership aims to support and increase energy efficiency. In particular, the challenge will seek to support youth-led innovations to increase conservation and energy efficiency services.